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‘E Pluribus Unum’

Amateur photographer Lorraine Parmelee received an Honorable Mention for her entry, “E Pluribus Unum” at the 44th Greater Hamilton Art Exhibit held at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts in Hamilton, Ohio. The photo will be on exhibit along with other entries at the center from April 26 to June 18. The photo was taken of “Cloud Gate,” a 110-ton steel sculpture at Millenium Park in Chicago, Illinois by world renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor. Ms. Parmelee used the reflective aspect of the sculpture to create a novel photographic interpretation of the artwork.


Sugar Camp/Pointe Oakwood update

In a column a few months ago I mentioned that our two most exciting projects this year are the Sugar Camp/Pointe Oakwood developments and Athletic and Recreation Space Master Planning. I will devote today’s column to an update on Sugar Camp/Pointe Oakwood. A future column will address the latter.

In April 2007, Oakwood City Council approved the Sugar Camp/Pointe Oakwood Master Development Plan. In May 2008, Council approved some plan modifications. This was the first and only time that the developers requested a plan change. The modifications related primarily to housing style changes, a change in use on the northeast corner of the property from professional office to residential, and a change in the condominium buildings. The modifications did not affect the overall intent and purpose of the development. The project continues to be directly in line with the guidelines we established in our city Comprehensive Plan.

Sugar Camp/Pointe Oakwood is the largest and most significant new development in Oakwood since the 1940’s. The Sugar Camp work included transforming the former NCR Training Center into a professional office complex. For several years, the buildings, comprising about 140,000 square feet, stood empty. Now we have about 150 people working there. Tenants include Eye Care Specialists of Ohio, Teradata and The Wellness Connection. We also have a beautiful new Synagogue. Putting the existing facility back to productive use contributes significantly to our financial resources; it provides important revenue that helps us pay the increasing costs of our comprehensive city services without the need to raise taxes.

The Pointe Oakwood development creates a new residential neighborhood in Oakwood. Housing will include condominiums, patio homes, villas and towne homes with floor plans designed specifically for empty-nesters and retirees. This is a housing product not currently available in our city. The development will address citizen desires for homes that conveniently accommodate their leisure and travel lifestyles and will include a homeowner’s association. We have very few housing options of this type in our city, yet many long-time residents (and some newer residents) desire it. Many of our long-time residents want to stay in Oakwood, but have expressed that housing choices must match their needs.

As you might imagine, I have been asked a few questions about the residential project. One is… given the economy, how is the development going? The answer is… the project is progressing in accordance with the plan. The developers have the necessary project funding and the desire to purchase the type of housing units being designed remains strong. Although it will likely take longer for the total project to be completed, we have no reason to think that it will not proceed in a continuous and deliberate manner.

Another question that I have been asked is… why is the earthwork taking so long? The answer is simple. The work required to make the Point Oakwood property “shovel-ready”, in other words, ready for the construction of the housing units, is enormous. I suggest that there is no other site of this size in the greater Dayton area that required so much work to be ready for construction. It has been an enormous undertaking due to the complex topography and the required handling of the foundry sand, concrete, rocks and other construction debris. The concrete and rocks currently stockpiled along Far Hills will likely be crushed and used as fill and base material for the road beds. A majority of the earthwork is done, yet some more remains. When completed, we will have seen a site that for decades has been unusable and has carried a stigma of environmental concern transformed into a clean property perfectly suited for a beautiful, upscale residential Oakwood neighborhood.

A third question I have been asked relates to landscaping. Last week the city received the final Pointe Oakwood landscape plan. This plan was developed with major input and counsel from a group of Oakwood citizens with expertise in landscaping and tree/plant selection. The plan is very comprehensive and includes retaining most of the existing old-growth trees that you now see from Far Hills Avenue and from Schantz Avenue. The plan includes planting hundred of trees, bushes and other plant material. Large shade tree species include American Sycamore, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Swamp White Oak, Hackberry, Red Oak and others, and street tree species include Columnar English Oak, Japanese Zelkova and Globe Catalpa. Please stop by the city building if you would like to see the full plan.

Related to landscaping, I have also been asked what the site will look like over the years as the residential units are built. The answer is that the master landscape plan will be implemented as soon as possible after construction of the neighborhood roadways and utilities. All residential lots not immediately earmarked for home construction will be seeded, mowed and otherwise maintained in an attractive manner, and in accordance with our city property maintenance standards.

One other question I have been asked is when will the first housing units be built? The answer is that construction is about to begin. According to Allan Rinzler of Oakwood Investments Group, LLC, the first model home is scheduled for a construction start on May 11. It will be a 2300 sq. ft., three bedroom, patio home facing Far Hills Avenue… We expect construction on the first villa (double) to begin his summer.

That’s it for now. I will provide another update in a few months. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me at 298-0600 or



April 28, 2009
Volume 18, No. 17

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