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Harman Halloween Assembly

It’s Your Turn to Vote!

2008 Scarecrow Row – People’s Choice Award

Oakwood’s Scarecrow Row was bigger and better than ever this year. The prizes have been awarded – and you’ll be able to enjoy these creations for the rest
of the month.

Now we’d like to know what you, the residents of Oakwood, think! Which one is your favorite?

Just email us at: with your choice for the 2008 Scarecrow Row winner. Please include name and location (site # or intersection.)

Or use the ballot on page 12 of the October 21, 2008 printed edition of The Oakwood Register to let us know!

Please include the site number and official name of the entry (both posted at the scarecrow location) – or just include the street intersection and a brief description of the entry (we’ll figure it out).

Votes will be accepted until noon on Friday, October 31, and the winners will be announced in the Election Day edition of our paper on Tuesday, Nov 4. So get out and VOTE!



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