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Orchardly Park re-opens

Charlie Armitage, held by father Michael, is about to be let go down the new Orchardly Park slide.

Abigail Wonders is about to slide down the new Orchardly Park slide.

Tabor managed to perfectly synchronize her timing to just get through the water rings before cycling on.

Photos by Leon Chuck, www.

Hawthorn Hill tours available

Tours of the Wright home, Hawthorn Hill, will be conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays for those who have made advance, prepaid reservations. Tours will depart Carillon Historical Park via shuttle van promptly at 10 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. This unique experience is sure to be popular and space is limited to no more than 10 visitors per tour. The regular ticket price is $12 per person. A special combination ticket for admission to both Carillon Historical Park and Hawthorn Hill is available for $15 per person. Dayton History members receive a discounted ticket price of $10 per person. Call Guest Services for additional information or to make a reservation: 937-293-2841 or toll-free at 1-877-BE-HISTORY.

Due to an exciting partnership between Dayton History and The Wright Family Foundation, Hawthorn Hill, the Oakwood mansion that Orville Wright called home for nearly 35 years, will also be available for educational tours. Dayton History will conduct the tours while the Foundation will continue to own and manage the property. This joint venture marks the first time that the structure will be accessible on a regular basis for members of the general public.

Hawthorn Hill interior to be restored to 1948 appearance

The Wright Family Foundation of the Dayton Foundation has awarded a $3,000 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from the Charles Evans Hughes Memorial Foundation. The seed money is a matching grant for the creation of a Historic Furnishings Report for Hawthorn Hill, Orville Wright’s home in Oakwood, Ohio.

Hawthorn Hill, a designated a National Historic Landmark and recent addition to the United States World Heritage Tentative List, was designed by local architects, Schenck & Williams, and became the final residence of Orville, his sister Katharine and their father, Bishop Milton Wright. The colonial mansion is modeled after plantation homes from the antebellum south and seen by the Wrights during their travels to and from Kittyhawk, North Carolina during testing their first kites and airplanes. The mansion is named for the many native hawthorn trees growing on the 17-acre plot and was equipped with many ingenious inventions of Orville’s design.

The Historic FurnishingsReport will detail the documented appearance of Hawthorn Hill in 1948, the year Orville Wright died and NCR purchased the home. Their resulting recommendations will serve as a planning tool for restoring the interior of the home to its 1948 appearance.


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