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‘Hike to Houk’ encounter

Photo by Leon Chuck,

Anna, held by father Tom, is inquisitive about the docile rat snake that was wrapped around the hand of Tom Hissong, education coordinator from Aullwood Audubon Center. The ‘Hike to Houk’ event held on Sunday was a success and an education for the many youngsters who participated.

OEPA reviewing storm
management plan at Sugar Camp
Agency dealing with two issues

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has had two issues raised with the development of Pointe Oakwood, the residential component of the former Sugar Camp property. The first issue revolved around the recently excavated foundry sand at the Pointe Oakwood site which tested positive for volatile organic compounds. However, there is no need for concern according to Heather Lauer, media coordinator for the Ohio EPA.

“Data that we have says there is nothing that would pose a threat to the people’s health or to the environment. Historically, that area had two ravines filled with foundry sand, which was the very black dirt that has been excavated. But it has been sampled and found to have very low, harmless levels of the volatile compounds,” she said.

The second issue revolves around the lack of a “Notice of Intent” which is supposed to be filed with the OEPA 21 days before the clearing and moving of earth. With the construction date set by the developer at June 1, the notice should have been in the hands of the OEPA on May 10 or 11.

”The state orders developers to submit the notice of intent with complete construction plans of the sediment pond and a copy of the storm water pollution plan.  Basically that lets us know what is going to be done and how the storm water will be managed,” said Lauer. At the June 9 Oakwood City Council meeting, a query from a citizen asking if there was a storm water drainage plan for Sugar Camp in place at the time was met with a negative response.

“There are problems when things run off the site. Sedimentation is the number two water concern in the state Ohio. The number one water concern is nutrient loading made up of waters containing such materials as fertilizers,” said Lauer.
However, a Notice of Intent has been recently been received by the OEPA, along with the storm management plan which the agency currently is reviewing.

Dayton Arcade fundraiser slated for June 29

On Sunday, June 29, Friends of the Dayton Arcade will host Tea on the Terrace. The tea will take place at the Kuhns Building at 15 West Fourth Street, where guests will be treated to music, dancing, food and drinks. Historical photographs of the Arcade will be on display and a tour will allow guests to go further into the Arcade than has been possible in over 20 years.

Tickets may be reserved for $25.

Reservation times are at 12:30, 2:00, and 3:30 p.m.

Checks may be sent to:

Arcade Friends
137 North Main Street #200
Dayton, OH 45402

or... dropped off at Central Perc in Oakwood, a host of the Tea on theTerrace.

Elizabeth Gibbons is one of the several hosts of the Tea on the Terrace. Elizabeth, 24, is an Oakwood resident, OHS alumni and 2008 graduate of Wright State University. Her great grandfather was one of the original developers of the Arcade. Recently, she has discovered what has been going on with the building. The arcade has been closed for 20 years. A year and a half ago, Elizabeth ran into the Friends of the Arcade organization at Urban Nights. “I saw it and my interest was sparked,” said Gibbons. “There is a lot to say about the arcade. It’s a part of the family.”

Elizabeth said she would like to do more fundraisers. "Tea on the Terrace" is being held to raise money for the nonprofit and the building. She wants to grab the attention of people so they can see what the arcade was and imagine what it can be.

The Oakwood coffee café Central Perc is another host and long time friend of Elizabeth, and who has worked for them since she has been 15. Owners Mike and Rose Morgan also saw the Arcade at Urban Nights. There they heard Elizabeth’s story and offered to get involved. Most of the Friends of the Arcade are frequent customers. All of Central Perc’s staff  will be at Tea on the
Terrace. "I think it’s important to see what’s being saved," said Mike Morgan.
Maribeth Graham of Friends of the Arcade also helped to save the Victoria Theater. She was recruited by Leon Bey. Leon, President of Friends, takes people on tours of Downtown and ran into Tony Staub, the owner of the Arcade, who gave him a tour, and Friends of the Arcade was established soon after, according to Maribeth. “I was ready for the challenge of saving the Arcade,” said Maribeth.

Diane Wallace of Friends of the Arcade hopes for a huge turnout that generates interest in the arcade. “We’re working really hard to preserve this beautiful architecture,” said Wallace. The building is a part of Dayton, Families born and raised in the area remember the place and everything it was, according to Wallace.

To find out more about Friends of the Arcade see

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